It is Sunday 2:54 PM at a General Hospital in Finland. It is snowing heavily. There’s a widespread flu epidemic among the health care...

app2It is Sunday 2:54 PM at a General Hospital in Finland. It is snowing heavily. There’s a widespread flu epidemic among the health care staff and head nurse is struggling in making sure that enough medical professionals are at work around the clock. Due to the bad weather large scale traffic accident incurs.

News of sprained ankles, dislocated shoulders, bleeding cuts and life threatening injuries reach the Hospital. All this in addition to normal load of Hospital’s emergency room and wards. Head nurse’s nightmare. More qualified staff is needed, and fast. Head nurse takes out her tablet where Secapp is already open and selects readymade procedure for this kind of situations and quickly distributes it with single click. Within seconds, her screen starts showing up who are able to get the emergency room in time. Sign of relief is visible on the face of the head nurse. She knows help is coming.

Secure Communication App (SecApp) is a cloud and mobile based communication and management system which is built for professional use. SecApp allows defining operation procedures, messages and alerts for any given situation. Moreover, it allows quick distribution of those to individuals, groups or even to certain locations via multiple different delivery channels covering also legacy devices. With SecApp, you can communicate with confidence because all communication is secured and can be encrypted. Finally, the system provides full situational awareness picture through quick reply mechanisms and location information over map allowing to oversee and manage different operations.

“Reliability and usability of SecApp are key factors for us to use it to manage medical care personnel. It is crucial for us to be able to alert them where they are needed in any given time”, says Sami Haapamäki, Communication Manager of Kuopio University Hospital. SecApp has provided over 90 percent time savings in alerting people when need when compared to traditional phone calls and separately handled emails. Kuopio University Hospital is one of the five University Hospitals in Finland and it’s in charge of the demanding specialised medical care of nearly a million patients yearly.

appOriginally, SecApp has been developed in a co-operation project between University of Jyväskylä and Magister Solutions Ltd. This sets a perfect example of utilizing unbiased research and development to build a commercially viable product that Secapp nowadays is. During the project the system was tested by Finnish Police, Fire and Rescue Services, school organizations and corporations to name a few. “Having traveled and seen different solutions internationally I can truly say that Secapp is currently one of the most advanced systems in the world”, tells project manager Jaana Kuula from the University. Kuula was responsible of the development, research and testing of the system with authorities and companies.

SecApp is a commercial product of Finnish company called Magister Solutions Ltd. Magister is responsible of creating future mobile, satellite and security technologies, and it has a number of satisfied customers among the largest vendors, operators and private companies in the world. These include European Space Agency (ESA), Nokia, Renesas and DNA. Magister’s main services cover advisory and R&D on wireless systems; simulator, emulator and test-bed tools for mobile, WiFi and satellite systems; and software development from performance critical systems to scalable cloud and mobile services.

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